Aletheia Jane · 7 answers · 8mo

What is your best read throughout this whole year?

i’ve been in a reading slump this year and didn’t finish a book completely but i do have a recommendation. i haven’t finished this but ‘sophie’s world’ is a really must-read book! it touches the subject of philosophy and for someone who easily gets bored when she reads, the book successfully made it quite fun for me to read. someone special recommended it to me and i do not regret reading it, so i’m recommending it to you too! ♥︎

I haven't read any unless Majalah Bobo.. can you suggest me one? Perhaps I'll try to read it once I have my leisure time!

Sorry, it takes too long to answer this as I just opened this platform recently. Never trust a skinny Italian chef by Massimo Bottura.

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