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Aletheia Jane asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

What is your best read throughout this whole year?

i’ve been in a reading slump this year and didn’t finish a book completely but i do have a recommendation. i haven’t finished this but ‘sophie’s world’ is a really must-read book! it touches the subject of philosophy and for someone who easily gets bored when she reads, the book successfully made it quite fun for me to read. someone special recommended it to me and i do not regret reading it, so i’m recommending it to you too! ♥︎

Amada asked 19 days ago

Ini profilenya gemes ya pinkish abis. Btw, Isla ada rekomendasi lagu yang easy listening asik buat profuktif kerja gak? Drop link playlist Spotify juga gapapa.

makasih HAHAHAHA, akhir-akhir ini kalo lagi nugas aku suka dengerin jazz atau classic music tapi disney! sayangnya aku ga bikin playlist untuk yang jazz soalnya biasanya aku search jazz terus asal pilih.. hehe.. nanti kalo aku buat aku kasih kamu! kalo yang disney aku ada playlistnya, here’s the link! {}

Aletheia Jane asked 28 days ago · 8 answers

It’s beginning of the month. Certainly, we have gone through a lot that some might feel only getting worse each month. But looking at where we stand now, how we manage to bear with it eventually, is a remarkable achievement to the process we never give in. May we will be more able to treat ourselves more kindly and manage to bear another things ahead. To more of blessing catch us, happy first day of September! 🥂🌷

8 days late but happy september to you! i hope the month has been treating you gently, and if there happens to be a wave in the middle, may it turn to a breeze in no time. i wish all the positivities in life come to you! ♥︎

alluka asked 4 months ago · 5 answers

my ENGENE nation, what’s your favorite b-side track from “DARK BLOOD”? 😋

Bills! But lately I’ve been listening to Sacrifice… guess it’s hard to choose one, huh.

Anonymous asked 5 months ago


Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Who (between your friends) do you think deserves the biggest apology from the world right now? Have you been there for them, too?

mago asked 5 months ago · 5 answers

dah senin lg aja najis kalender goblok

mago asked 5 months ago · 8 answers

rekomen apapun dong terserah gue mau mencoba apapun

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Who’s your best friend, Isla?

My #1 best friend (and also the love of my life) is definitely my Gabriel. I never hesitate to tell them about my days be it good or bad, and I never get tired of spending time with them even if we are just there watching random tiktok videos together. Being in Gabriel’s presence is the best part of my day, the best way to start my day, and the best way to end it too.

Katie asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Have you been kind to yourself these days? I hope you’re doing okay.

Unfortunately, no. I am aware that I have been neglecting some of my self-needs that one may consider it as simple and easily achievable, for instance, my chores. But, since my finals are finally over, I’m starting to pick up the pace again, so no worries! On a side note, I’ve missed your presence and I hope you’ve been doing good, my Katty. 🥺🤍

Katie asked 5 months ago · 10 answers

How do you define ‘love’ and what are the ways which you do in order to express it to your surroundings?

It’s definitely something that has the ability to give you warmth and security at the same time. Be it either romantically or platonically, I believe love is the raw form of genuineness, because to love means to be willing to understand others’ definition of love too, even when sometimes it differs from yours. I like to let those I love know that I do actually love them by words of reassurances and actions (be it of service or quality time). Although sometimes I express it through other ways, and I believe there’s an infinite way that you can express your love to your loved ones and vice versa.

Katie asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

What’s your favorite type of flower, and is there any particular reason behind why you chose that?

I’m unsure if these are my absolute favorites, but I’ve always liked pink roses and tulips! Not only that I think they’re the ‘right’ shade of pink, they represent gratitude, admiration, love, care, and affection. They would make a great reminder that one belongs and is loved. ♡

mago asked 5 months ago · 3 answers

dah senin lg aja najis kalender goblok

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Isla jelek bgttttttttt [hate]

alluka asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

any current interesting watch, everyone? preferably anime(s), though..

I’ve been watching Modern Family because it’s light, if you’re into the series Shadow and Bones, I believe the second season has just been released on Netflix! It’s fantasy, if you’re wondering.

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