may to be honest
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Cherry · 22 answers · 4mo

what's your current obsession?

makeup!! i’ve always been obsessed with it, but lately, i’ve been paying even more attention to it. i can scroll through makeup videos or products for 2-3 hours every day??? that’s kinda unhealthy but i really enjoy it!!

Minette Amaryllis. · 4 answers · 6mo

GUYS, please give me new song to add on my playlist! any genres are welcome, thank you! ♡

ehm, i’ll go with a night to remember by beabadoobee and laufey. please try listening to it, it’s sooo good!

Chia. · 24 answers · 6mo

your on repeat song right now?

beast by mia martina and waka flocka flame! it reminds me of that one fictional character. ;D

Seven · 1 answer · 6mo

Is there a song that, in your view, is "timeless" whenever you hear it?

Chia. · 11 answers · 6mo

what would you do “if” you're the last human standing post-apocalypse?

accepting the fate, chilling around, and then killing myself as i got bored in this world, perhaps...

achiE · 38 answers · 6mo

if you were a colour, what colour would you be?

Julienne. · 4 answers · 6mo

Hi pals! Do you have any recommendations on where I can buy hoodie/sweatshirt? Preferably local brands. Ty. <3

i have a few recommendations based on my friends reviews: erigo, russ and co, and human greatness. so far, they have mentioned that the sweaters/hoodies from these brands have good quality. as for other local brands, you can search for them through tik tok, perhaps? hope this helps you, keanna. ;3

Seven · 1 answer · 6mo

Would you date an opposite sex or someone with the exact same personality as yourself? Tell us why!

i don’t mind any gender as long as i like their personality. however, i can’t imagine how it would work in our relationship if i’m dating someone with the exact personality as, no. i would love it if they were my friends rather than my partners. ;D

syahla 🪷 · 12 answers · 6mo

mentemen gimana tadi harinyaa? aman?

today is going pretty well for me, but somehow i’m not really enjoying it (idk why...) still, it’s not bad. thank you for asking, syahla!! how about you? did it go well today? :c

Nio. · 2 answers · 6mo

Guys, kalian kalau lagi pilek biasanya minum obat apa?

decolgen, panadol, or obh combi! hope this helps you, nio. take care, and i hope you feel better soon.

Damion. · 13 answers · 6mo

Hi, how has it been for these few days? Btw minta saran dong, hujan-hujan gini enaknya nonton apa ya?

hello, damion! it’s been going well these days. for rainy days, i suggest watching something horror or thriller– it suits the atmosphere of rainy days (the tension is strong, you know) it would be good if you watched A24’s movies, like pearl or hereditary. 🫣

maltese · 6mo

hi may! what color do you think suits you best?

there are many colors that i think suit me well...but the one that suits me the most is blue, especially the kind of 5B7E98 (hex code) blue. i adore it very much because it’s soft yet gentle. i believe it is the best color that matches me because blue can represent various interpretations of myself. ❤️

Celine · 9 answers · 7mo

What's your all-time favorite book?

· 13 answers · 7mo

saran makan siang dong guys

Seven · 1 answer · 7mo

A call to my fellow bookworm, what was the last book you read and how would you rate it?

i haven’t read a book in a while, but the most recent one was agatha christie’s “and then there were none” if you’re into criminal cases, it’s definitely worth a read—i’d give it an 8/10!

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