Joshua · 6 answers · 1y

How long and how well would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

mungkin sebulan atau dua bulan soalnya aku udah nonton world war z, penisula, train to busan, alive, all of us are dead, happiness, resident evil, the last of us, dan main game kaya resident evil sama left 4 dead jadi yeah basically udah ngerti dikit apa apa aja yang harus dilakuin kalau ada zombie apocalypse. and if i dead it'll definitely because i saved the others without turned into one

Someone said if he’s around me, the percentage of him being alive is increased. It means i am going to survive no matter what. Kecuali udah bosen dah gigit aja gue bie! Bie banget ga tuh manggilnya? Sok akrab bener sama zombie. Wkwkwk

Prolly a week soalnya kalau urusan survival I'm willing to do it for myself and my group. Prinsipnya nggak boleh ada yang kena sampai ke tempat aman

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