Joshua · 10 answers · 1y

How do you usually discover new music?

Listen to random playlist, pay attention when mutuals shared their music taste

i don’t 😅 i’d rather discover old songs which i didn’t know the title… but to keep up with the trends i usually get to know new songs through tiktok sound or zeno/mixlr session in closed agency 😅

Simply just checking on trending list in YouTube or found it on TOP 50 WORLD in spotify!

There’s a spotify feature called Discover Weekly, I usually find some new good musics there!

Through my discover weekly playlist... song radio playlist... and a friend’s recommendation!

Biasanya sih rekomendasi temen, atau scroll-scroll youtube tiba-tiba aja nemu yg enak.

Thru my discover weekly playlist on Spotify! Sumpah sering ketemu banyak banget hidden gem bagus-bagus 🫶🏻

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