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Do you mind to tell me your current top 3 songs? (is looking for song references)

Sekarang lagi sering banget dengerin Taylor Swift - The 1, ENHYPEN- Still Monster, sama ENHYPEN - Bite Me.

  1. The Cut That Always Bleeds - Conan Gray
  2. The Most Beautiful Thing - Bruno Major
  3. Always - Daniel Caesar

Abstract by Hozier, Fin by Mustard Service, the one exists in my memories by dosii.

Currently, my top 3 songs are Bejeweled by Taylor Swift, Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo and Fighting by BSS!

Told everyone already that my taste in music is sucks but mommy can try this:
Billkin feat PP Krit - Coming of Age, free love - HONNE, Everlasting Sunset - JUNIEL

Based on my on repeat playlist ya! Sialan - Juicy Luicy, People You Love The Most Can Hurt You The Most - Coldiac, Lampu Merah - The Lantis

Slowdown Town by The Cardigans, Morning Pages by The Japanese House and MUNA, Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby by CAS! ❤️‍🩹

Round & Round by Tripov, Strawberry Soju by Jesse Barrera, and The One by Gabe Bondoc!

Like I Do by J.Tajor, Wendy by Maisie Peters, Dying in the Subtlety by Cautious Clay. Honorable mentions: In Your Head by Christian Kuria, Just Like You by Emotional Oranges, Clueless by The Marías. (Genuinely recommending the honorable mentioned ones because you have to listen to each of them at least ONCE in your lifetime)

love me by coco & clair clair, tyrant by kali uchis ft. jorja smith, kayaknya dua aja…

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