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@liz£h · 10 answers · 4y

Is carrying a gun a good way to stay safe? Why or why not?

lol @ the guy who said open-carrying is the best way.. When I hear about robberies where the victim had a gun, I can't help but think, if only the gun had a gun.

☆ᯓ ㅤ regulus ㅤ 。 · 11 answers · 2mo

qotd what's your favorite genre of music and favorite artist / song from it ?

Metal / alternative in general. 80's - 00's are usually the best. Indie music might not fit neatly in with it, so I''ll just mention that too.

Shannon. · 12 answers · 7d

Are you happy with your weight?

I am. But I think people should pay more attention to muscle / fat / height proportions rather than just the total numbers.

I've heard that a precise measurement of muscle/fat ratio isn't very possible, but I think mine must be in a pretty good range these days.

Shannon. · 12 answers · 17d

Do you think people are running out of songs to sing?

There's been a lot of remakes this year.

Ideas for good lyrics must be endless.

The more musical part of music, not so much.

@liz£h · 13 answers · 4y

How do you react if someone tells a bad joke? Do you laugh to be polite?

If it's really not funny, I could give up to 1/2 of a smile if I'm feeling generous enough.

Shannon. · 8 answers · 1mo

How to deal with a creep/stalker?

You might benefit from discreetly recording them if they're following you IRL.

Shannon. · 11 answers · 1mo

If you won the jackpot on the lottery would you carry on working?

I'm guessing that starting a new business with it wouldn't really count, since I wouldn't be doing any of the leg work. So, no.

Ocean Machine · 9 answers · 6y

What's the oldest music you listen to? (excluding classical)

Something like The Beach Boys is at least borderline too old fashioned for me, and one exception is Sail On Sailor, that's a killer song.

The Beatles gets to be more like it, and if it sounds as modern as Led Zeppelin and beyond, there is no issue with it sounding too old.

River · 10 answers · 1y

Tell me your definitely-must-watch movies!

? · 30 answers · 1y

what was your favorite tv show growing up?

I was crazy about 'Are you afraid of the dark?' for some time. As I got slightly older than that, I was able to start watching Tales From the Crypt. Tuning into that every week was such a treat.

Kate Matsuda · 10 answers · 2mo

When I would kill a cockroach I am a "hero" when I would kill a butterfly I would be a savage. Do our moral judgements use aesthetic foundations? (according to Nietzsche)

There's many different species of roaches, it's the German ones that are the ultimate villains, and a few more to a lesser extent. Most others are overwhelmingly outdoorsy and alright.

Retrospring · 15 answers · 1y

If we were to implement tagging for questions, would you like a Tumblr-like tagging system ("something like this") or Twitter-like hashtags ("#hashtag")?

Hashtags might make it slightly more obvious, and the Tumblr-like or Threads-like tagging system is fine too.

Either way, I'd recommend just doing it, as it can be one way for older content to be more easily found.

VerenaV 🍒 · 11 answers · 6y

What Kiwi did to us is called GHOSTING 👻💨

Taking down a site/app separates people. It's not like we can all agree on which one to flock to next.

Shannon. · 8 answers · 2mo

You fill in the blank: my life would be so much better if ( blank )

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