Lesbian transfem gayass terminally online catgirl creature

I'm at https://lea.pet/@lea <3

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BobOmbMonkey · 18 answers · 3d

(Ask all) What do you want to do as a career when you grow up? Or if you're already grown up, do you want to change careers?

Ideally I'd want to work a comfy software dev or sysadmin job but not full time so I have enough time to dedicate to my girlfriend :3

Lian · 23 answers · 9d

If you were given a chance to be an unskippable cutscene, what would you do an exposition about?

What ever computer related topic I'm interested about at the time. I've held voluntary presentations at school before just so I could infodump about DNS or some shit lol

BobOmbMonkey · 21 answers · 16d

If you code, do you remember one of the first things you ever coded? I wrote a text RPG a long time ago :)

I started with Discord bots and honestly didn't advance past that for a long time :3

My old projects are absolutely miserable but they did help me learn the basics of coding. Nowadays I know better than to chain 20 .then(() => {'s in a row though. God I still hate thinking about that.

BobOmbMonkey · 25 answers · 17d

Do you have a favorite body part on the gender you're attracted to?

Anonymous Cutie · 19d

printf("%d\n", MRRP_CAT_SYS_LESBIAB_OPT);

Rexo (she/they) · 20d

what do you think of the colour turquoise

Anonymous Cutie · 20d


Anonymous Cutie · 20d

meow or mrow

Anonymous Cutie · 20d

Do your friends know much about you?

i have the permanent urge to tell people about pretty much everything i do, so definitely, yeah :3

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