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If you were given a chance to be an unskippable cutscene, what would you do an exposition about?

uh. magic. the specific inner workings of how magic works, far beyond the simple "spell go brrr"

it's going to be a lengthy linux installation tutorial but when we're close to the end and the bored viewer thinks the cutscene is over i mess up at have to redo the whole thing

how it's important to just vibe and be yourself. you can create the things you want to see in the world. also i'm lesbian

oooooo, i'd like to teach everyone about The Game and why i think it can be a net-positive

I'd give the player a "trans rights?" selection box with the options "yes" or "no". After selecting "yes" the cutscene becomes skippable, selecting "no" extends the cutscene into 24 hours with nothing happening at all :3

A 3 hour monologue about the horrors of capitalism and why we must tear it all down if we are to have any future

Rube Goldberg contraption of spells and machines only to fill a cup with water from a tank above it

What ever computer related topic I'm interested about at the time. I've held voluntary presentations at school before just so I could infodump about DNS or some shit lol

i’d probably use the opportunity to make the person viewing the unskippable cs feel loved and tell them they’re worthy and their life has meaning. too many sad and lonely people out there, if i can help heal just one that means a lot to me x3

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