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If you code, do you remember one of the first things you ever coded? I wrote a text RPG a long time ago :)

It was a bot (powered by a Tampermonkey userscript) that posted facts about cats in the Pretend You're Xyzzy general chat

not sure if it was my first project, but i remember vagely writing a simple chat system

Iirc I think it was a small exercise that extrapolated the growth of an example rabbit population

I "forked" someone else's Code Lyoko supercomputer simulator, which got me started in learning Batch on windows. I still have the code in my archives. I had posted it on a forum and got a beta tester, who ended up teaching me to code over MSN and VNC. I moved cross country to be near him as I started my software dev career 8 years later.

I wrote some JS stuffs for my own lil website.
Also I did some own lil mIRC plugin.

I started with Discord bots and honestly didn't advance past that for a long time :3

My old projects are absolutely miserable but they did help me learn the basics of coding. Nowadays I know better than to chain 20 .then(() => {'s in a row though. God I still hate thinking about that.

my dad had this cartridge for the atari that came with directions on how to write a simple “hello world” and that was probably the first thing i ever coded. i would’ve been around 7 or 8 i think?

Flash actionscript to move a sprite is the first thing I wrote code for.

The first thing I finished was a VB6 macro.

My first personal project... I think it was a network information utility in .NET 3.5. (2014-03-07 last modified)

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