Oscar · 5 answers · 8mo

It is our responsibility to keep others' trust in us. If your lover betrayed your trust once and you both ended up becoming strangers to each other like the first time you met, in another life, if you had one more chance, would you go back and love your ex again or go and move on?

If the problem is that they betrayed me, I will definitely go with a big no. No matter how long I've been in love with them, once they break my trust, there is no place for them to be around me anymore.

I'll always love him in every universe, but not with the act of starting his betrayal. However, I believe my boyfriend wouldn't do such a cruel thing because we both are good people as person.

In another life… Yes, i probably would give them one more chance. But then again i think we wouldn’t recognize each other from our past lives right?

in another life i would strangled his neck before he doing stupid things and knock some his sense. 🤍 but in all seriousness i once back with my ex but i dont think we could mend the trust that already broken. it just.. doesn't goes well.

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