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What's your opinion on the concept of marriage?


What's your opinion on the concept of marriage?

The idea of a formal vow of love: good. It should be available to everyone and not restricted to heteroromantic and/or monogamous people though.

A generally pointless exercise. I feel it's basically about "I'm giving up my family, my friends, and anyone else in my life specifically for this one person". Anytime I hear about someone getting married I know they will be out of my life because they suddenly have no more time for anything at all! But I guess my view is very pessimistic because I have yet to want a relationship, feel worthy of one, and be able to have a healthy one…

I think the ceremony is cute, if done genuinely and not for the jest, I'd go through that. Other than that, I don't know, not sure how i feel about the act of swearing to be with someone till the end of time and mixed-negative feelings on the legal part of it.

i think they are completely unnecessary, discriminating lots of people, especially queer people. my reasoning is that right now marriages are the only way here to get info about your partner at hospital when they are injured, and well, you have to be in "legally" hetero relationship to even be able to get married. and all of that bs around divorces, jesus fucking christ

marriage is a commitment, and commitments in romantic relationships are good I think. I was never in a romantic relationship so I can't really say whether I'd do it or not but present me would probably not be against it. and, as the other person noted, they must not be restricted in any way.

As long as the state allows me only one, I will protest it and have my cute little weddings with all the gays ILLEGALY

not my thing, but if anything it shouldnt be restricted to just the traditional marriage

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