Aurora Khione · 8 answers · 10mo

hi everyone, it’s been a long time😣😣 i miss talkin’ to all of you :(( so, how’s july treat you? and how’s august so far? hope y’all have a splendid monday🩷 ✨

My successful month is July! In July I received my title. There doesn't seem to be a problem for August. I'm just sick of being jobless. 🥺🤏

Heyy, love! I miss youu. July treated me pretty well and August has been going well so far, how about you? May you have blissful weekend, love.

Sweetheart! Ah, I miss having you around. It is been a while since the last time we talk to each other. 🥺 July treated me so well that I barely meet sadness in my day and August, by far, nothing is so excellent but I am so much excited to welcome my birthday this month. What about you, Barbara?

Hello! Tbh July was great, walau banyak up and down tapi masih bisa di handle. Malah Agustus yang keliatan wah agak padat dan dari tanggal 1 aja udah hahahah gitu deh. I know ini telat banget but have a wonderful Wednesday!

July was nice. I don’t remember anything much bad, I only recall meeting great people, having a cactus as my birthday present (yes, it’s my birthday, and it was fun and I’m super grateful and happy to read all my birthday letters) and then me and my dad started the renovations to my room! So, I’m doing great now, I’m sure July was amazing.

Hello Miyyie. July was pretty good, it wasn't a bad month for me, I'm grateful. How's yours?

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