Wasserpistole asked about 1 month ago

On a scale from 1 - 10, how healthy is your lifestyle? 10 is perfection.


  1. I do a decent amount of walking and I eat my vegetables, but not enough to make a difference

I'm underweight so I think it's not more than a 5. I don't usually eat breakfast. I just drink a glass of fruit juice or milk with some biscuits in the morning. Yeah! I know it's a very important meal but I'd rather sleep than eat. I have a very unhealthy


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7, could do more sport

maybe a 4, sometimes a 3

I exercise, I eat better than the typical American my age imo, but I'm a pos

5 or 6 right now. Not going thru my best times

Prolly like 7. I work out, I try to get enough sleep, I take multivitamins, but I could do better on eating nutritious stuff

alright if I get enough sleep..say 6-7

5, doing the minimum to keep myself alive and in reasonable shape

7 - average