Daniel asked 25 days ago

What was the largest animal that you have killed?


What was the largest animal that you have killed?

A bird.

Answered by 7amza

Probably a big spider or cockroach tbh I can't remember ever killing anything bigger like a bird or a fish

Answered by Pawesome

a lizard

Answered by xvilyv

Probably that snail I accidentally stood on a few weeks ago. I still haven’t forgotten it... sniff Rest in peace my tiny gastropodic friend...

Answered by Penelope

I accidentally killed a kitten once. :`(

Answered by inhahe


A fish.

Answered by LaDamaX

A spider so big and legendary it had a name 'Gerome'... good riddance you scary motherfucker.

Answered by Pandy

A big bug. It was by accident.

Answered by Kate

I've never intentionally killed anything bigger than a very large cockroach. I've probably been indirectly responsible for the deaths of larger animals, though. I lost a stray cat my dad was planning on keeping when I was trying to take her to be spayed.


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I killed two birds that were in my house.

A big ass spider

Answered by IAWIA

Not applicable.

Answered by Bored2020

Killed? A fly....

Answered by DUST