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Arthur asked 1 day ago · 9 answers

Gaming question: your teammate is throwing a grenade against a group of enemies. While doing that, it accidentally ricochets off a wall and blows up near your character, which gets eliminated. Do you report them?

I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt, although I don't like to play games with friendly fire on because I know I'd be that person, and it would somehow be the most intentional looking accident possible.

On the subject of grenade fails, this reminded me of a recent video where a chad Ukrainian tree returns a Russian grenade, but the Russian is somehow able to slap it away in mid-air before it blows up.

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

Who is one of your favorite youtubers?

Daniel asked 5 days ago · 15 answers

What is a word you pronounced incorrectly? Me: Arkansas

Rant. In my regional accent, the A sound is different in words like ant and aunt, can and can't, bat and bath, plan and plant. So when it comes to ran and rant, my brain wants them to be pronounced differently too, but even in my region they're supposed to have the same sound. It's rare for me to use the word rant, so when I do, I have to be careful not to embarrass myself by saying it wrong. Probably why I rarely say it.

Just did a quick search, and I'm relieved to see there are other weird people out there like me with the same problem https://www.reddit.com/r/CasualUK/comments/7jw53e/how_do_you_pronounce_the_word_rant/

Kate Matsuda asked 6 days ago · 9 answers

What is 6.9 ? - a good thing ruined by a period.

It's an acquired taste. After the tenth time, it becomes good.

Daniel asked 25 days ago · 17 answers

Are you afraid of flying by airplane?

parisx asked 24 days ago · 9 answers

What's a song you like but you think people have forgotten about by now?

Arman asked 26 days ago · 8 answers

Give me an example of a regular sentence that would totally change its meaning if you slapped air quotes around one of the words for no reason!

Daniel asked 25 days ago · 11 answers

What's a musical instrument that you don't like?

parisx asked about 1 month ago · 4 answers

How did you feel when you found out that other countries have to pay to give birth and vice versa?

I can't remember how I felt, but the amount the hospitals in the US charge for treatment is shocking. Also, I don't know if it's a standard thing there, but I remember reading about parents having to pay extra to hold their newborn baby, and that's just sad.

Daniel asked about 1 month ago · 10 answers

What do you think is Elon Musk's IQ?

Daniel asked about 1 month ago · 10 answers

What irrational fear do you have? Me: I'm afraid of relatively small non-poisonous spiders

Arman asked about 1 month ago · 8 answers

Do you envision a future where countries lay claim to "territories" in space?

Humanity needs to unite and bully the aliens. See how those little grey freaks like being abducted and having their cattle mutilated.

Arman asked about 1 month ago · 9 answers

When was the absolute least fun time in your country's history?

The Black Death, I'd have thought.

Life under puritan dictator Oliver Cromwell is probably worth a mention too. From the little bit I know about the time, it was basically this meme

Arman asked about 1 month ago · 12 answers

Do supermarkets in your living area offer plastic or paper bags?

Plastic. You have to pay for them, which is to encourage people to reuse them.

Kate Matsuda asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

Why do Gynaecologists leave you in private to undress and afterwards watch your vagina for inspection with absolutely no privacy concerns at all? - I have an answer but I'm keen on yours!

It's not necessary for the patient to be seen while undressing, and it would make them feel very uncomfortable because it's something that's usually only done in private. I guess it also kind of separates the examination from the rest of the appointment, breaks it up for the patient, and helps keep the clothed and unclothed parts detached.

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