Daniel asked 6 months ago

Are you a feminist?


No, it is the worst thing anyone could be

In the sense of promoting efforts to make the holding of political rights and citizen rights unconditional on sex or gender? Of course. But I am also careful with the term "feminism" since a lot of activities under that label are way off from what I have j


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I am a woman.. so... yes.


I'm all for equal rights for everyone but I wouldn't call myself a feminist, that doesn't seem to have the same meaning these days





As long as crusty old white men hold positions of power and try to control what women do with their bodies with zero correct knowledge on how women's bodies work, yea, I'ma be a feminist. As long as I'm respected less as an instructor than my male colleagu


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I think women and men should be treated equally, but I don't make an identity out of it, and I don't hate men, so no.


Die Vokabel ist zu sehr behaftet mit Negativität (durchaus verdientermaßen) deshalb ein klares Nein. Ich bin aber sehr für Gleichberechtigung zwischen den Geschlechtern sobald sie Sinn macht und tatsächlich heilbringend ist. Ist doch klar.

hell naw. the girls who are their all hypocrites. they should all get be abused


In that I agree with equal pay and women not being treated like second class citizens.

I am a feminist. But I create my own idea of it for myself. I don't believe in women being just like men or them being unlike them completely. I do not believe that chivalry is dead. I do believe in equal pay for all races and genders. 


Sure. I am a feminist. But since feminist as a word covers everything from bitchyness to equal payment activist I would prefer to know the background of the word from your own experience.


No. There are no women's rights or men's rights, black rights or white rights, business or worker's rights... there are only human rights. Inequality in law should be resisted wherever and whenever it pops up, you don't need divisionist identity politics


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Yes. But not the kind that protest for the stupidest things! Feminism was meant to fight for the equality of the rights between men or women. That's all. I don't want to be a man and I don't want to be told how to behave either for other women or men.