Daniel asked 4 months ago

Do you know who the mods of retrospring are?


Do you know who the mods of retrospring are?

it is a mystery

Answered by ashy

I checked the admin panel, and we don't have moderators!

Answered by Andy


No but I thought I saw somebody mentioning ZouBisouBisou being one the other week.

Answered by inhahe

No. I was one of the mods on modernspring, so I knew them, but that's about it.


According to Retrospring's GitHub page, there are three main code contributors that I guess might also be mods here on the site. The main guy (@nilsding) is from Linz, Austria (which is strangely where Nick also happens to live!) Anyway this guy's page is


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Answered by Arman

oh ye

Answered by nick

I don't know her !


Answered by Kate

NerdyBirdy 🐦 so...Github- link option on this page shows 8 contributors. Then retrospring Twitter page shows 4 of them who are active on that platform. Idk them irl. I'm just grateful they have this site in existence. 🌺

From what I can recall all the mods on modernspring were weeablords of the 4chan variety, anyone with an anime girl for an avatar essentially. Dante thought I was one because I used to sport a Retrospring logo on my profile. Dumbass.

Idk but they probably forgot the site existed or something

Answered by Pawesome

I believethat the admin doesn't even participate in the game and I find that hmm.

it use to say in the about me but i think andy is one of them

Answered by xvilyv