Arman asked 12 months ago

How did your parents teach you the concepts of right and wrong?


How did your parents teach you the concepts of right and wrong?

them gave me good and bad examples

Answered by xvilyv

I’m sure by chastising the hell out of me.

Answered by LaDamaX

Their faces looked totally disappointed or angry. But I felt it before, I knew when I was doing wrong.

Answered by Kate

Right was what I was forced to do. Wrong was what I was threatened not to. They weren't very good teachers.

Whenever I misbehaved I'd have to stay in the bad boy box in the basement for a week

They didn't, I naturally knew what was right and wrong because I had a heart. My dad just taught me to fear him and do my best to not accidentally irritate him.

Answered by inhahe

They didn't really, my dad and I have very different concepts of right a wrong, and my mom's are more similar to mine but she didn't really raise me. Although, one time, when I was a kid I fed a stray cat that seemed pretty sick but still had an appetite,


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They gave me the book "Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals" by Immanuel Kant

Answered by Daniel

I feel like I mostly learned that from people who weren't my parents, but when they did do it, it'd be via yelling, spanking

Examples of what not to do.

by whoopin my ass