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Do you have an electric or gas stove?

Megaheartz ♥️

Do you have an electric or gas stove?

I have an electric, but of course gas can be powered by well, gas. It can be generated by fermentation, and utilizing catalzation with the exhaust the emissions are negligible. Of course, the other byproducts that may not catalyze into inert substances wil


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I have a toaster oven 😔 the oven that came with the house doesn’t work.

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I probably got still a gas stove somewhere...

electric, and I'm glad. our house isn't going to blow up from a gas leak or because someone left the gas on or something, so one less thing to worry about.

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electric, though I would much rather have gas but I can't be bothered to move to a place that has that and I certainly can't be bothered to own a home so I can install one myself


Gas. I like the way gas cooks vs the electric.

Answered by LaDamaX