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Hakunah Matatah

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Dingus asked 7 months ago 路 9 Answers

What's your best bit of advice for your fellow Retrospringers?

Go after what you want. Sometimes things don't go as planned but live your life to the fullest. Try to be happy, let go of the pain and doubt that weighs you down. Most importantly release all the negatives each day is an opportunity and your past can't control or limit the potential for your future.

Wasserpistole asked 7 months ago 路 7 Answers

Would you find it fascinating to watch youtube videos from every single retrospring member were he or she says a few words about retrospring?

Tiktok & Snapchat seem more entertaining atm. Short and quick content. Plus it's personalized in a way.

Arthur asked 7 months ago 路 8 Answers

Did someone ever comment on how messy your hair was? 馃檮

馃ぃi feel attacked right now and idk why?

Dingus asked 7 months ago 路 5 Answers

First one to reply gets a rotten egg salad. Second one to reply gets a pat on the back, or pats if you prefer. 馃寶

Know what this means ... That's an automatic consent I get to pat you back...馃I don't make them rules

Daniel asked 7 months ago 路 14 Answers

What are some things that only old people say?

Ugh.. My back... My knees.. My joints (basically the body is self destructive and everything hurts for no reason sometimes)

Shannon asked 7 months ago 路 11 Answers

Have you ever joined a MLM?

Low-key 馃槶this is my time to shine! 馃槓Get this...here in Texas idk if everywhere else schools 馃they have a mlm scheme involving child labor 馃ズthey promise cheap prizes to get 馃the children (which really means their parents to be sales reps) 馃ぉall to raise money for the school and their company.馃 Most brilliant disguised mlm I've come across. 馃檲 I admit it.. i was obsessed as a child for higher ranking in prizes. 馃槶 My dad on the other hand hated it and only helped me a couple times till he had enough of it.

Dingus asked 7 months ago 路 10 Answers

Are you likeable in general? 馃寶 What's the feedback you tend to get?

馃嵎馃槒... So far 馃槍 I'm getting positive feedback from this past week to today 馃槀 over 5 people have reconnected with me! 馃 I think my luck is changing... 馃ぃ I can't wait to see what will happen in a month tbh.

Wasserpistole asked 7 months ago 路 5 Answers

I know a guy who had a horrible mother and no he hates women. He hates all of them and the things he said about them in general are extreme. Is there a way to change his mind in your opinion and how?

You can't change anyone.we all walk different paths and feel different pains. I bet other women mistreated him tbh. He has to heal and find inner peace.

Arthur asked 7 months ago 路 11 Answers

What do you hate? Me: windows update

When you come to find out someone was flirting with you but your dumbass was to shy to do anything about it and years later he admits to it ...smh 馃槓馃槶 too many times i don't get the hint unless it's direct .. I wish I could compute human behavior!

Dingus asked 7 months ago 路 10 Answers

Do you appreciate when people check up on you after a long period of isolation?

Yes, it's lovely to be remembered... But... For all that is holy... Why... Just why is it a girl can't be in the bathroom for over an hour uninterrupted??

Merida asked 7 months ago 路 11 Answers

What do you do while others are sleeping?

馃don't judge me馃槓馃檪馃槄 it's a wiggly worm .. i party in my bed to music till I pass out too https://c.tenor.com/xV7igt0_R-IAAAAM/wiggle-worm.gif

#4001 asked 7 months ago 路 10 Answers

Everyone says high school math is useless in real life, when was the last time you did calculus to solve a problem?

A year ago. I've my calculus book in my room I just hadn't had the time to open it and work through it 馃挋 oh... You've unknowingly unlocked my inner nerd... 馃檲 thank you now I'll have to get my pencil and do some math

Arthur asked 7 months ago 路 9 Answers

Are you an athletic person?

Am I athletic nah, but... do I try to improve? yes. So far I've improved so much in a span of 15 days. I hope to keep this up past this year 馃槍 people treat you so different when you finally look fit... Lol plus its fun improving health and athletic wise. And the rush you get post work out is incredible.

Wasserpistole asked 7 months ago 路 8 Answers

There is some sort of a fetish. Men, especially men, enjoy it to give money to women who are mean to them and who act very nasty, that is all they desire. Why do you think that is a turn-on to them?

馃悞 hmmn... Sugar daddies... And sugar mommas... They're a special type of breed. They've the money and time to invest in some young things in order to enjoy the time. I have no clue why people are into different things but hey as long as no one is hurt and its between 2 consenting adults then I wouldn't worry or be upset.

#4001 asked 7 months ago 路 9 Answers

What is "fr" supposed to mean? (example context: "retro be bussin fr fr")

Skkkrrt.... Hol'up no cap? 馃馃馃馃馃馃馃. Retro really be bussin馃嵎 tiktok, it giveth so much and like everyone else on here posted it's probably for real. Lol today's vernacular is so much fun