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How quite often have people thought that you have a romantic interest on them rather than caring for them in a human - like manner?

Quite often. I sometimes treat others so well that many of my friends think that I have a romantic interest on them.

Idk... I think once or twice until someone confessed to me, i'm not sure either.

likely never, because i treat all my friends the same and when im attracted to someone i tend to stay silent, i'm pretty bad at showing romantic interest in someone :[

This is an interesting question, I must say. I think I haven’t been in this kind of situation because I rarely showed off my feelings and people around me often considered me as an unapproachable people so… yeah… never

It happened once or twice when I was chatting with them—suddenly they confessed. But it was a long time ago. Except for my boyfriend, I don't have any friends chatting right now. 

i’m the type who set a clear boundaries therefore, i’m not often or maybe never to receive any thoughts like that.

happened a few times, but not too often. some of my friends say i like someone because of my caring attitude towards that person, padahal aku ke semua temenku pun sama aja T___T

Happened once or twice. Kinda made me sad because at that time they must have felt lonely and have no one to depend on.

This happened a long time ago, and now I'm just trying to interact as usual so that no one will misunderstand the attention I give them anymore because I care about all my friends and I cherish everyone I know.

Kayaknya ngga too often juga tapi pernah 1 atau 2x kayak gitu HAHAHA kalau aku seringnya mereka confess karena sesuatu yang aku lakukan gitu dah (semoga paham).

Too often. And since that moment, I rarely giving too much attention and care to them because I’m afraid that they mistranslate my actions.

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