Kaleandra · 17 answers · 12mo

Tell me what movie or series would you always recommend to others.

The book thief, I remember enjoying it a lot. For series, I mostly watch Kdramas so, Alchemy of Souls is a must watch, really.

Money Heist, Girl from Nowhere, Flavors of Youth, Violet Evergarden the series + movies

sorrry for the late reply:( Coco, Reply 1988(K-Series), Sunny, all the Ghibli movies, Interstellar, John Wick, MASIH BANYAK SBNRNYAaaaAaa.

Us and Them 🥹 its a Chinese movie but still the best tearjerker one for me. It talks about how a couple fight for each other, growing up together, but things just separate them away and they ended up not become each other's end game

Movie : all MCU/DCU movies, Disney movies, Pixar movies

Series? 90s : brooklyn nine nine, the officer, friends, the big bang theory

Netflix series : the end of the fucking world, Queen’s gambit, Lupin, the umbrella academy, Emily in paris

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