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Shoot your theme song for this weekend!

It’s weekdays but going to say that Keeping Tabs by Niki haunts my ears these days 🤭

I've recently found myself listening repeatedly to Semoga, Ya by Nosstress, manifesting good things will come as I currently in the middle of working on it.

Gapapa ye jawab walaupun bukan weekend lagi, but I think this week's song goes to It's All Good by Jeremy Passion!

I Hope to Be Around by Men I Trust and Star Roving by Slowdive! (Shooting two because why not? The more, the merrier, also the better, isn’t it?)

If it has to be one specific song, then, New Romantics! (It's been on loop lately, honestly) Then I gotta restart my energy all over again by jumping to my slow music or classical playlists. How about you?

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