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isla. 3 answers 3mo

name 2 things that always has to be with you wherever you go other than your phone.

Jase Ballenger 11 answers 2mo

Tell me 3 songs that make you feel like you are in love.

  • Aku Cinta Dia by Chrisye
  • Rest Assured by Jeff Bernat
  • When I Fall In Love by Nat King Cole
mintchoco 路 3mo

hey, i was wondering if u set your eyes on someone

I was taken aback by this question for awhile, but yeah, I already set my eyes on someone. Tbh, he makes me feel happy and enough 鈾

Jase Ballenger 5 answers 4mo

Kalau ini hari terakhir kalian bisa makan sesuatu, makanan apa yang mau kalian makan?

Jase Ballenger 5 answers 4mo

What something you want to achieve before the year of 2023 end?

I still have so much more to achieve, but one thing for sure is that I always want to learn for the better, be it in academic or not.

shey 13 answers 6mo

Shoot your theme song for this weekend!

Gapapa ye jawab walaupun bukan weekend lagi, but I think this week's song goes to It's All Good by Jeremy Passion!


I feel like running out of watching list, so can you perhaps give me some recommendations?

If you perhaps like romcom, maybe you can watch Always Be My Maybe/Letter to Juliet, those two always stand on top of my list!


Somehow I feel like seeing the sea when I opened your account, so calming!

Why, thank you 馃┑ blue happens to be my favorite color, that's why I turn the color of my retro to blue #TMI

啾ㄠ 12 answers 8mo

What is your song of the week? <3

D'Nanthaniel 6 answers 9mo

Are there any suggestions for activities to relieve stress when you're burnt out?

mintchoco 路 9mo

What is your favourite food?

mintchoco 路 9mo

cantik-cantik sendirian aja, neng.

yoru 10 answers 12mo

When something feels like it鈥檚 not your fault to begin with but people keep claiming them as yours, what will you say?

mintchoco 路 9mo

Do you believe someone planned your death?

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