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What type of movies do you enjoy?

I do like a good drama. Especially films about spies, police, or gangsters.

I need escapism, build me a world and let me get lost in how ridiculous it is ... romantic comedies is what I'm saying 🤡

The ones that aren't just two hours of beating you over the head with, "protect the status quo"

Guardians of the Galaxy without the heroic moments. lol.

My favorite film is the last unicorn so films like that.

I guess action, particularly Marvel movies. Also like some fantasy, like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. And I like comedy in spirit, though I find most comedy movies to be really stupid. (Some are really good.) I've watched a few little-known foreign films and really liked them. I think a lot of the movies I like a lot don't fit well into any particular category.

I recently got out of "A haunting in Vegas" other then horror and mysteries, I like anime movies...there was one recent movie I did not like though, and that was Kandahar. I fell asleep when they showed that for one of Regal's Monday Mystery Movies

Without CGI. Because when using cheap one the movie is terrible. Dune 2023 was great.

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