AMoonRabbit asked 12 months ago · 12 answers

What does titty milk taste like?

I'll never know...once a girl thought it would be funny to try and make me taste hers, I'm like isn't that for your baby, don't waste that SMH

From what I’ve heard (I’ve never tried), it tastes like cantaloupe juice or sweetened almond milk. However that can change (consistency/fattiness) according to what the baby’s stage of development is and their needs, and what the mother is eating/drinking and the time of day that is was extracted. When I would freeze mine it didn’t always look the same— sometimes it looked fattier, creamier and a bit more the color of butter. Other times it looked thinner.

Ooof you don't want to know. I tried it years ago and it was disgusting. Weirdly sour. Not recommended.

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