Aderyn Ursa · 16 answers · 6y

Who was your first crush or if you haven't had one before, who is your current crush? ;D

Uh.. I guess I'd have to say Shun, because don't think I've really liked anyone before him. I've found plenty of people attractive, but that's kind of a different thing from having a crush on someone. lol

A girl called Dawn, was like 6 so it was very superficial and def didn't lead anywhere xD

Well, this is pretty embarrassing, but I have to admit I may have had a tiny... little crush on Hyoga when we were like 5, but totally not anymore! <////<

Well, I think Io was probably my first crush as I can't really feel attracted to strangers in that way...

Oh dear... this is embarrassing to admit but.. uh my first crush was probably Hyoga, I'm sorry! >_<

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