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What will you do when you feel so unmotivated even to do the simplest things? Thank you sm if you care to answer.

I have face this kind of situation few times and All I do is give myself a break. Then, I tend to tell myself that I can't stay like this for a long time, I have a lot of responsibility to work on (reality hits, adulting sucks). Last but not least, before I turn myself back to be "on the track" again, I usually go alone, have a me time, and look for a new atmosphere. These all works very well on me.

I find it more enjoyable to impress myself on my own since doing something you enjoy will keep you motivated, or if you truly lack all energy, you need to sleep and recharge as much as you can.

I won't do anything. It was my mind and body's way of asking for a break, I suppose.

I won't do anything. At least until I have enough energy. Sometimes, we need to stop and do nothing to find what we want to do.

I will start by doing something I haven’t do before and maybe trying to get myself excited again by doing little things

usually i will do things that restore my mood like watching my favorite drama or going out alone to buy my favorite food! enjoy my time

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