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What are your favorite operating systems? (No judgment.)

Linux! I like MacOS's design but I kinda hate how it works lol

I like windows 7 and 10

Haven't try other operating systems like linux, maybe in the future

most favorite to least:
- macOS: great integration, remnants of great design, but getting worse lately
- Linux: if I want to make a change, I make it
- OpenBSD: cohesive, opinionated, quirky
- FreeBSD: it's a BSD yet it actually works in production
- Windows 7, XP: evokes feelings of nostalgia for the old Web and how life generally was "happier" (probably not), a lot of thought went into the design of Vista and 7, XP looks like a "workhorse" which is a nice vibe too
- Windows 10: boring, which means good

Linux > MacOS > Windows

This is solely based on OS's that I have used, so no *BSD, no other Unix-likes, etc.

Windows XP. The amount of things I can still do on XP today is pretty impressive and shows how little innovation actually happened in the meantime or how little I need any modern stuff. I could also mention some Linux distros, but I still do feel that XP is better than them because it has a UI that makes some sense, it has at least some consistency, unlike open source software which I feel is way too fragmented to be coherent for an end user. It's also old enough to not be caught in endless drama.

For desktop applications? Windows 10, yeah I said it come at me bros, after you clean up from sucking off Linux 😛 nah really it's just a numbers game though, I can't game freely on a VM or Wine or whatever hoops I have to jump through to make XCOM or whatever run on my Linux box... And in the 7th circle of hell Satan will make you support Apple devices, which are great until you need them to play well with a Microsoft product and then Apple and Microsoft will blame each other for the issue until the heat death of the universe

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