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Ikutan oomf, mind to tell me your thoughts on this user? (You'll get yours in return)

Lady is very admirable in my eyes. You’ve got that strong independent woman kind of image and if I picture you in person, you would be that kind of girl that dress well and neat, you have boundless soft spot too within yourself. Also, it’s always nice once I’m conversing with you since you have a great will too in keeping up the energy through the convos you engaged in. In conclusion, I love Lady sm. You might have no idea how precious your presence is to all. 🤍🤍✨

Lady ini udah basi tp gapapa ya😔 Kita ngobrol gak banyaak bgt jadi kita harus ngobrol lebih banyak lagi. Like your name you’re very lady-like, seemed elegant sometimes, very soft and feminine!

Baik, cantik, passionate, positive vibes, ga ribet. Semoga kita selalu menang idgaf war

know you since few years ago and you’re still one of the coolest, kindest person i’ve met. it’s rare to see someone as cool as you being humble and down to earth but you are! pokoknya keren bgt also i miss your pics when you’re still an island girl

Udah pernah gue jawab gak sih? Asli, awalnya gue pikir tipe yang pecicilan dan tengil karena first-impression di CA. Tapi ternyata aslinya sangat kalem dan…kinda classy? Gak terlalu bawel, tapi percayalah dia selalu mantau dan merhatiin keadaan kalian. Once ada tweet aneh, pasti dia yang pertama kali nyamperin kalian ke DM buat nanyain kabar/keadaan kalian. Overall, i cherished our friendship a lot. Thank you for being my closest friend, thank you for staying.

@AngeIicwords is someone who’s worth to keep around! You frequently use your platform to share some good informations, from product recommendations or review, to some entertainment updates to things you’re passionate about and even politics and I like you for that! I also like that we have similar interests and could bond over it. You’re also someone very fun to talk to. Seeing how much you seem to enjoy your life at the moment inspires me. Thank you for sharing your cheerfulness around. Be happy always Dydy cayangku!! Good luck & God bless <3

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