Dingus asked 5 months ago

Are you a strong person in your opinion?


Are you a strong person in your opinion?

No. Being strong requires believing in yourself.

I'm pretty resilient and stubborn, but I have my weak points. So no.

If your a neuro-diverse person in a normie's world and not dead yet, you probably are! So yeah I think I am!

It doesn't matter - if I am not strong enough to do something and I want it done, then I have to find other means - is a guy who can lift a car off the ground stronger than the lady with a hydraulic jack? Does it matter? Both of them can get the car off the ground

I'm more of a cold, heartless person. It's a kind of strength.😁

In some ways, ridiculously. But also ridiculously sensitive.

Yes. I consider myself to be a strong and a resilient person most of the time but still human. That means I'm mortal, imperfect and vulnerable. I'm not unbreakable. I have my moments and sometimes I feel as fragile as crystal too.