Merida asked over 2 years ago

Do you listen to your mind or to your heart first?


Do you listen to your mind or to your heart first?

I listen to both. Sometimes it's better to think with your heart, especially if you think someone's feelings could get hurt.

Both, and my butt is the vice president of me so it gets to cast any tie breaking vote

My mind first. Sometimes, it consults with my heart to come up w a final decision.

I don't listen to either because I think having ears is disgusting so I replaced mine with a couple of the butt ends of a stale baguette sliced off

I've listen to my heart 'dub dub...dub dub...' it doesn't have much to say, so I listen to my head.

I'm not sure. By "first", do you mean which comes first in time, or which is the more major source of guidance in decision making? I'm not sure which I listen to first in time, but as to which one I pay more attention to overall it depends on the situation. My thinking about truth and the world is definitely more heart-based than with most who are as analytical as me.

My heart speaks first but at a lower tone while my mind speaks later but louder. Depending on noise I hear them differently. Sometimes I stop and ask my heart when I find I didn't hear it.