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Milo · 8 answers · 1mo

What slipped into your mind when you see a flower? Is it the blooming love inside you, or is it the thing so-called ‘hope’ that blooms the faith you have in life?

Flower is my soul.... so when it becomes blooming the inside me means happy. And when it becomes fall so it means inside me feels numbness.

Aluy 🍔 · 28 answers · 3mo

HAAIII tolong saranin drakor yang wajib wajib wajib wajib bgt ditonton dongg kyk kalo gak nonton drakor ini tuh bakalan NYESEL 🌀__🌀

I'm not really into drama korea, tapi ada drama korea yang beberapa kali gue rewatch kayak While Were You Sleeping sama Reply 1988! So, hope it helps.

Ellison · 22 answers · 3mo

Kalian kalo disuruh milih mending makan es krim mint choco seember atau mending gausah kenal dari awal?

Milo · 12 answers · 3mo

Are you the “You’re the knife I turn inside myself” person, or the “I love you enough that I let you go” person?

To be honest, I'm the "Youre the knife I turn inside myself" person, but surely can be the "I love you enough that I let you go" when I feel enough for all wounds they gave me.

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

trukk molen pisangnya pisang apa yaaa, dadang dr sumedang

Milo · 17 answers · 4mo

friendly reminder; you'll be loved in the most endearing way possible cause you aren't hard to love and you're worth fighting for ♡

Mami, terima kasih banyak! Also I hope all the good wishes return to you. Have a great day mami!

Kale! · 20 answers · 5mo

what's your favorite day?? 🫵🏻🫵🏻🫵🏻🫵🏻

Exactly I love friday idk why, BUT I REALLY LOVE SUNDAY TOO. Karena pacarku libur! So we have so much time

Kale! · 13 answers · 5mo

what's your thoughts about sha?? :>

ashaline · 3 answers · 4mo

guys, you deserve a lot of good things in this world. I hope happiness be with you all 💗

Thank you so much Acha, you deserve all of this too! May happiness surround you ya. Have a great Monday!

Kale! · 14 answers · 4mo

do you guys have some idea for name yang awalannya “sha”? i think i just wanna changed my first name, thank u <3

· 5mo

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Kale! · 16 answers · 5mo

HAI, how's your january so faaarr??

Ellison · 5mo

Halo dd, hari ini hujan ga?

Anonymous Coward · 5mo

Homina homina

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