Ed Hunter

Currently worth GTA$719,000,000

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Daniel asked 10 months ago · 13 answers

What are good arguments against being vegan?

Arthur asked 5 days ago · 7 answers

Where does the cheapest plane ticket take you to (besides Brazil)?

Pandy asked 6 days ago · 10 answers

What was the last nice thing you did for a friend?

Wished them a Happy Native American Genocide Memorial Day!

Pandy asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

What are you thankful for?

That I'm not a Native American having to watch people celebrating the genocide of my people.

LaDamaX asked 9 days ago · 7 answers

What fowl or other animal meat is commonly consumed during holidays and festivities in your country or region of origin?

Arthur asked 12 days ago · 13 answers

If you were a teacher, would you accept an overdue assignment?

No, you get your assignment handed back with one of Cloud's big red F's stamped on it! However I'm not vindictive so I won't seek the death penalty this time!

parisx asked 16 days ago · 12 answers

Can you see my pictures on my profile?

I can now, previously on my tablet I couldn't, though on my phone I could see it.

A asked 15 days ago · 9 answers

What is essential in the modern life style?

Arthur asked 14 days ago · 8 answers

So this heatwave has been going for almost two weeks here. Many cities, including mine, registered over 30°C even after midnight. Should we blow up Antarctica to revert climate change?

I can tell you're gutted that Taylor Swift has cancelled her concert!

shroomiePerson asked 15 days ago · 7 answers

what's your 2 favorite star trek series? i'm asking for two because i'm pretty sure if i only asked for one i'd mostly only get The Next Generation as an answer

LaDamaX asked 15 days ago · 11 answers

Serious question: Why do men ask women to smile? Do we owe the world smiles?

Shout duck when you're next throwing a low flying generalisation! I have never seen, heard pr done this.

Arthur asked 20 days ago · 11 answers

What are some good songs to listen to while spending the afternoon outside beneath a scorching Sun producing temperatures over 40°C?

parisx asked 23 days ago · 15 answers

Do you still help people?

Pandy asked 22 days ago · 10 answers

Would you be willing to flip a coin that if it were heads the world as we know it would end, but if it landed on tails the world would be twice as good as it is?

LaDamaX asked 22 days ago · 13 answers

How do you respond to off the cuff or unusual answers on here? By unusual I mean answers that are off topic

Arthur asked 26 days ago · 7 answers

How to convince a venture capitalist to invest in your business?

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