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Anonymous Coward · 12mo

I bought you a layout, I hope you will like it. 🤍

tunAa! 😼 · 6 answers · 1y

cie yg twitternya error, gimana kabar klian saat ini?

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Kalo beli roti tawar kenapa gak bisa ditawar ya.

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Nay, kenapa ayam & telur ayam tuh duluan kandang ayam?

Because ayam duluan daripada telur! Tim telur duluan daripada ayam mending beres-beres, pamitan.

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Nay aku habis beli obat tidur terus pulangnya pelan pelan soalnya takut obatnya bangun

Wah, coba telinganya disumpel kapas biar ga denger. Umur segitu lagi sensitif-sensitifnya biasanya.

Anonymous Coward · 1y

i wish you have a really good night with both side of your cushion cold :)

Hi, I'm sorry for just seeing this now. Thank you so much there! I hope you'll have a much much nice dream tonight. Warm hugs!

Naratama. · 13 answers · 1y

What do you want to say to yourself in the future?

Enjoy the great life you had. The present me will always working hard to make the best life you will ever had. Never feel enough, the end is not the ending.

K · 15 answers · 1y

what's your favorite disney movie(s) all the time??

I can't even choose one because I LOVE ALL OF DISNEY MOVIE but Zootopia is the love of my life💞

ann · 1y

mas apa yang bikin mual? masuk angin 💨 kamu semoga besok ngga masuk angin lagi ya ✨️

Masuk angin sampe mual <<<<< Thankyou, Ann! Jangan sampe masuk angin juga, kalo ketemu angin mending lari.

Naratama. · 1y

How was your Friday went, Naya?

So far, great! I laughed a lot today, maybe 'cause I met my friends after long holiday. We made lots of jokes too until we're ketawa ngik-ngik.

mayiu ♡ · 1y

hello bello there!, do you mind to follow me back? thank u 🤍

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