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Peter grififn asked 3 days ago

Watch family's guy on fox

Puniko asked 3 days ago · 15 answers

if you could take one game to a lonely island, which one would you take?

BobOmbMonkey asked 7 days ago · 17 answers

Have you ever flown a plane? I've had one flying lesson so far and I would like to do more!

Anonymous little owl asked 9 days ago

Was it hard to get started with 3D? How did you do it?

It's not hard to get started, it's hard to continue learning cause you need to practice even in drawings how to manage with proportions and also optimization that is extremely important

I started with tutorials in blender, practice anatomy in paper drawings and in 3D sculpture, learning about retopology, texturing, rigging and animation

If you are constantly learning and practicing you can make great things in 3D

Anonymous little owl asked 11 days ago

What kind of art do you make?

Epsi asked 12 days ago · 15 answers

What fun little forums/imageboard/communities outside of fedi/twitter/etc do you visit?

BobOmbMonkey asked 16 days ago · 13 answers

Let's go bowling bowling bowling bowling bowling bowling...?

Anonymous little owl asked 16 days ago

Do you have houseplants?

Epsi asked 21 days ago · 17 answers

You are now a giant fire-breathing dragon.

What are you gonna do?

BobOmbMonkey asked 29 days ago · 8 answers

Is it a crime to hack someone's IP cam? (I guess so...)

BobOmbMonkey asked 29 days ago · 12 answers

Coffee: black, or with cream and/or sugar?

Anonymous little owl asked about 1 month ago

What's your favourite flower?

Puniko asked about 1 month ago · 9 answers

if you have adhd, what are some of the methods you tried to get stuff done? which methods worked for you and which didn't?
if you don't have adhd, just ignore this question.

I'm not diagnosed but i relate with many issues so for working i need to have the things i need open, and things that distract my self closed, need to write in a notebook the steps of how i will do the work for not losing myself in the process and it's better if i have some relaxed music also i have seen some improvements in concentration while listening to white noise

I like to use a pomodoro app to work without overwhelming and to avoid distraction with my phone

Anonymous little owl asked about 1 month ago

What do you find difficult about Linux?

The use of commands for many things, specially with program installing

BobOmbMonkey asked about 2 months ago · 12 answers

I keep seeing more and more signs that I'm autistic. I've scored high on several of the official tests. Is it valid to "self-evaluate," or do most of you go and get an in-person evaluation?

I have seen some signs in myself the last years too but don't think self evaluation will help, so better go see a specialist to see if it's that or if it can be other thing

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