Such a work of art, the bloody gaze he met.

Seattle, WA.
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Strangers. · 12mo

Kak Edward, are you available now?

I'll be available start from 2nd June ya. Please contact my manager to book the slot and schedule.

Crescendo · 1y

Makasih udah lebaran ke 3 bareng gue! Love youuuu my best friend. <3

Strangers. · 1y

Jangan lucu lucu bisa? Deg-deg'an terus liat kamu.

Strangers. · 1y

Hi, can I have a crush on you?

Halo, sender. Of course you can have a crush on me (anyways, thank you so much, what a honor for me!) but perhaps you can think twice since I can't promise you anything. :(

Strangers. · 1y

I noticed that you are really my type from the first time I saw you. But since you seem hard to approach, romantically, so ... I can only wish that your days would always filled by happiness. Have a great life, Edward!

First thing first, I'm sorry for my tardiness, I just opened my retrosprings after a long time. Thank you so much sender, I take it as a compliment hehe, jangan takut I'm not that 'hard to approach' kokk. Anyways, I wish your day fulfilled by happiness as well!

Reanne · 1y

Good morning, Edward! Menu sarapan kamu hari ini apa? Oh boleh pilihin menu sarapan buat aku gak?

Good morning, Reanne. I had bubur ayam as my breakfast today and I hope this is not late to answer. What about lontong sayur as breakfast? Yesterday I saw someone sell lontong sayur and it's look.. tasty.

alden! · 10 answers · 1y

What’s your hidden talent that no one knows about?

Aidel Miu · 21 answers · 1y

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? Give reasons why you chose that animal.

Strangers. · 1y

Gimana sih cara deket in romantic way sama lu?

Gean. · 8 answers · 1y

Last movie that made you cry?

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