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If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? Give reasons why you chose that animal.

CAPYBARA OF COURSE :] it represents my whole self and I just love to be called as masbro

If I were an animal, then I must’ve been a vixen. Judging by my looks and personality, a vixen really exhibits myself in terms of looks and personality. By looks, I am an average-sized person, with sometimes a cold gaze. Personality-wise, I believe I am quite an ambitious person who always seeks finer things in life. Like a vixen, I strive to have a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue.

I will choose lion, or wolf. Because they are very strong against swearing, and definitely fit to be a leader (albeit a bit manipulative)

I once asked my followers about this on Twitter. They claimed that Wolf and Husky are the best matches for me. So I got them and a puppy as well! Because when I'm in front of my boyfriend, I look like a puppy.

i would love to have cat as my representative animal.. 🐈💭 beside my busy activities, i just love to eat and sleep everyday. { and play if i want to! } :D

Uhm... I never thought of it but maybe a Koala? I have an extremely slow body moves. The same thing goes to my mind, actually. You can say, I'm that klemar-klemer person.

A wolf 🐺, because they are intelligent, adhere to hierarchical principles, are monogamous, and will not leave their members alone.

aahh a puppy ofcourse! they said, thay always remember puppies when they see my face.

It'll be a tiger because roaring sound is my most favorite thing, they sounds so majestic!

Fox!! someone said to me that i matching with that animal, aku juga mikirnya gitu sih, fox it's funny, they're doing silly goofy things, sometimes they're being secret or mystery, that describes me.

umm . . white puppy? cuz my ex told me kalau aku mirip sama white puppy mulai dari sifat sama kelakuannya (bukan berarti aku mirip sama anjing yaa u__u)

It would be a golden retriever. Because it has personality that can mingle well with people, friendly, and caring, just like what people think of me.

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