i love that shit and so do you.

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I am very grateful for the words you gave. But wouldn't it be great if we could talk again. However, if you do decide to leave this virtual existence, I wish you success wherever you go. I am also pleased to have had the opportunity to be your friend. Thank you so much sendernim!

Lessa. · 5 answers · 10mo

HOW’S LIFE GUYS? Baik-baik aja kan? Jangan telat makan ya🥺

Adnan · 11mo

Gean, lu tau gak kalau sebenernya lapisan bumi paling dalam tuh siapanya lapis legit sih?

Hawkins Stories · 11mo

And 😭 I'll 😭 be 😭 here 😭 cause 😭 we 😭 both 😭 know 😭 how 😭 it 😭 goes 😭 I 😭 don't 😭 want 😭 things 😭 to 😭 change 😭 I 😭 pray 😭 they 😭 stay 😭 the 😭 same 😭 always 😭 and 😭 I 😭 don't 😭 care 😭 if 😭 you're 😭 with 😭 somebody 😭 else 😭 I'll 😭 give 😭 you 😭 time 😭 and 😭 space 😭 just 😭 know 😭 I'm 😭 not 😭 a 😭 phase 😭

ganjar · 10mo

໒꒰´ ˘ ` ꒱ა what are some of your favourite songs right now?

Hi sender, akhir-akhir ini lagi on repeat Hitchhiker by Demi Lovato, Post Malone - Stay sama Cool punyanya Jonas Brothers.

Rasigla. · 11mo

Bisa jual admin WGL-nya aja gak? Bosen liat Gean menyendiri.

Prayudha. · 23 answers · 11mo

Kalau sebelum confess kalian udah tau perasaannya gak berbalas, kalian lebih milih langsung moveon atau gimana?

FINN · 5 answers · 11mo

Since I’m kind of bored with the current playlist of mine, would you mind sharing a song or two for me to be added to my playlist? Any kind of genre is totally okay for me.

Post malone stay, YUNGBLUD ft Travis & Halsey 11 minutes, saywecanfly someone else

C. · 11 answers · 11mo

Kalau dikasih uang sejuta buat dihabisin sehari, bakal dipake untuk apa?

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