Kate Matsuda asked 4 months ago · 6 answers

Last time somebody made a comment on your outfit totally misunderstanding the wardrobe and the sense in it? And what did they say?

"Your pants are cut at the bottom and it's not even straight." Pshh its called grunge mom, look it up. And not everything has to be straight...in this essay iwill

not really a misunderstanding, but I wore a pink bandana to support breast cancer awareness and all and because I usually go between black, grey, and navy everybody I saw had some kind of comment about it, like one dude said I looked like a gay gangbanger

I was told last night at a party I was 'a bit too well built to be wally' (Where's Wally). I wasn't trying to flex haha.

They said that I looked like a Spanish doll. I’m kidding. I can’t really recall a time that happened.

someone once said I was dressed too sexual for a workplace when I was younger. literally was dressed completely average that day. and it was just a retail store

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