Karicia. · 27 answers · 9mo

hello everyone in my Retro! how's october?

Answering this in Novemver, I could say October was not really impressive but I managed to handle it better than I thought.

Terhajar abis-abisan, but I'm enjoying life more and more! Seneng banget apalagi punya adek-adek baru (re:adek tingkat) tapi banyak sedihnya jugaa karena temen² dan aku sendiri jadi makin sensi buat menghadapi fase skripsi dan after campus life 😿

the first week of october was quite pleasant. pretty tiring, yes. a bit busy here and there, but im happy that i got to experience some good things. i hope God will give me (and all of you) many more good opportunities ahead too, ameen.

Pretty challenging, at least for me. But somehow I feel the better things are coming soon. No idea in what field, but whatever it is.. I'll be grateful.

Started it quite bad but slowly it starts returning to be good. May it lasts long! :]

hi, cia! it was okay, so far! i hope this (special) month will bring lot of happiness and joy to everyone.

I haven't figure it out yet since it is still the beginning of October. However thank you for asking, Cicia. Hoping October will treat you as you wanted it to be.

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