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Andromeda · 14 answers · 3mo

If your life has a background music right now, what song would it be?

Shankara · 5 answers · 4mo

halo tmntmn, ada saran film sad ending yang kaya man in love atau better days gak ya? :[

𐙚 · 2 answers · 4mo

Kalian gi apah

Lagi nyari tenaga buat ngobrol sama banyak orang. Do you have any advices how to gain some energy?

Anonymous · 4mo

Hey Raffa! Do you set your eyes on someone by any chance?

Hello there, anon. A new question on this blissful Wednesday. Currently I’m focusing on myself to be a corporate slave slash college student.

· 24 answers · 4mo

Hey-ho! Mind telling me your top 3 desserts? ^~^ (mine are softcakes, macaroons, and chocolate pudding!) 🫧

Softcakes are indeed the best one. My top 3 desserts are chocolate pudding in FOGO, yellow watermelon, and grilled pineapple.

Shankara · 4 answers · 5mo

good morning and happy sunday!

neilando · 5mo

Udah 100 tahun temenan kok belum followan retro.

Shankara · 6 answers · 5mo

GUYS!!! kalian kalo nangis, bibirnya reflek ikut bengkak gak (selain bengkak di mata)? TAPI BUKAN BENGKAK GARA-GARA DIGIGITIN YAHH

Nggak tau, kayaknya enggak deh? Belum pernah coba. Kamu bengkak ya? Mungkin tiap orang beda-beda, Nay.

Acha · 2 answers · 5mo

happy sunday, pals! what's your plan for sundaaaay? :O

Laying on the bed (I actually planning this one in such a long time, and finally I made it). Hbu, Acha?

Anonymous · 5mo

Do i have a chance to be with you? Can't take my eyes off you.

I didn't expect this question will comes to mine. And to answer your question, I'm sorry that I'm not into relationship for now. However, you still can talk to me, and let the fate guide us where we'll gonna be.

Anonymous · 5mo

I will watch you from afar but if you feel bothered by it, let me know and I'll stop. ;) have a greatest evening, Raffa.

Hey, why do you have to do that? Instead of doing that way, I'd rather to be friends with you. And have a good morning to you too, sender.

Lorelei Guinevere · 2 answers · 5mo

Was there anything at one point in your life that had changed your perspective on something?

When my dad said something meaningful about one thing that I dislike in my entire life.

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