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Is it better to know what you want, or you know what you don't want?

For me, personally, it's better to know what I don't want. That way, I won't do something that I don't like or will regret later. It's like my way to control myself. If I only think about what I want, then the probability of me regretting my own decision or action is bigger. That's what I think.

Hard question. But then I'll have to choose the former.. it's harder not knowing what you want.

It is better to know what you do not want so you could eliminate those things and focus on things that you want.

For me, it's better to know what I want. Soalnya aku cenderung lebih gampang kepikiran apa yang aku nggak mau, sementara buat tau apa yang aku betul-betul mau tuh mikirnya puluhan kali 😓

It is better to know what I want, so I don't have waste my times for something I don't want to.

I love having to explore various things that may increase my arsenal of skills. Hence, I think it is better that I know what I don’t want to do, because by knowing, I had an understanding of which knowledge territory I could lick clean and which I could simply ignore.

To know what you want. Whether it's bad or good, at least you know the answer of what you expected

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