Wiranata Harjun.

His presence, much like the fallen leaves carpeting the forest floor, carries the weight of experiences and memories, each one a unique hue in the tapestry of his life.

Someone, Somewhere.
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Marceline · 11 answers · 1mo

A friendly reminder to all of you: no matter what occurs, remember to be grateful and smile! oh, and don't forget to stay hydrated. Have a good day, everyone!

· 7 answers · 1mo

Spare me a song or two that says ‘Monday Vibe!’ for you ཾ♡⃟ 𓈒 𓍲

친애하는, claire. · 12 answers · 2mo

I agree with you. I can't think about it now, since I listen to many Korean songs that has a really great melody.

El. · 12 answers · 1mo

In a mood to listen to flowers and butterflies kind of songs. Do any of you have recommendations for one or two songs about falling in love? :]

Meeya · 21 answers · 2mo

Indomie kesukaan kalian varian apa dan kenapa varian itu jadi kesukaan kalian? :o

Aresh · 3 answers · 2mo

Brokkk saran film yg bukan horror pls gw gbut bgt rillll mint

친애하는, claire. · 7 answers · 2mo

⋆ ౨ৎ pals, i would love to know your hidden-potential! if you could immediately learn any skill—even if it's a fantasy or completely unrealistic—what would it be?

친애하는, claire. · 6 answers · 2mo

⋆ ౨ৎ if you could travel back in time and change one event in your life, what would it be and why? what impact do you think this change would have on your current present day?

I wish I could go back from my JHS era. I want to fix so many things that make me regret it until now. I believe, there will be a good big impact that can change me and my family terrible life now.

Radit · 4 answers · 2mo

good morning, been thinking about preparing a decent breakfast but what should i cook... any simple breakfast recs? 🤔

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