Navelyn M.
lost in thought
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Ale. · 7mo

Nave, saranin lagu galau dong :(

hey sweetie, I'd highly recommend ocean n engines & if u could see me crying in my room.

Leo · 7mo

What do you look or need in a relationship or in a friendship?

anooon · 7mo

Nave, please remember that everyone deserves happiness and so do you, you deserve joy, warmth and bags of love, believe me. Time will tell. You're loved and cherished by many.

⁠〒⁠﹏⁠〒anoon, thank you so much ya. aku cium boleh? wrwrrwrwr i've been sad lately and need this kind of words always be happy anoon ♡

Kinara Ayumi · 5 answers · 7mo

heyy i'm a bit curious. if you guys have a crush on someone, kalian tipe yang santai tapi pasti atau sheesshhh akan aku cintai dengan brutal!

𝓐 din · 13 answers · 8mo

boleh gak spill nama hewan peliharanmu yg lucu itu ^____^

i have two cats namely Mogi and Mori but sadly both of them disappeared somewhere and died... huhu mori i miss u saur much my babies t___t

Miyii · 9 answers · 8mo

guys saran menu makan malem selain ayam geprek dong....

anooon · 8mo

Hello. Could you check your followers list on Twitter? I have sent you a follow there. Since my account currently doesn’t appear in the mentab. My username starts with R. Thank you beforehand. Have a great day!

Hi sender, Thank you for letting me know! sorry for not realizing this anw, i already follow ur acc okaay?i'm sooo sorry my response was late huhu ://

Cathy · 11 answers · 8mo

kepo nih, did you set your eyes on someone? 👀

Jane · 8mo

i miss you!

Leovin · 5 answers · 8mo

What if your life suddenly feels boring? Like everything feels so ordinary and there is nothing interesting to do. No black, no white, and no color. What would you do?

Based on my experience, you should try something new. start watching a new series, start learning to dance or learn something new, go buy a book and enjoy it all. be happy forever♡

anooon · 8mo

KAK ELYYNN! kemanaaa kangen T_____T

Hi sweetie miss u too sayang, hehe it's been a long time ya.. since my twitter account went bad now i'm back, please rep this tweet with anything! aku mau ngobrol sambil cek acc twt aku masih sakit ngga ya kira kira... ://

anooon · 9mo

akun rp?

Jane · 9mo

tell me your comfort movies!

hmmm i thinks it's.... all mcu movies? YAPPP aku rewatch end game sampe empat kali pun ga bosen hehe

anooon · 9mo

how's your day??? hopefully going well yaaa

hi anon, thank you so much ya🤍 semoga hari kamu berjalan baik juga semangat kita.

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