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tell me, how to stay alive in everything.

instead of find a way "how to stay alive" aku lebih ke mikirin how to survive. for me, looking for a way to survive would be better than looking for a way to stay alive. But, you can look for things that make you happy, and maybe make time for yourself

sesederhana kalau indomie bakal terus ngeluarin varian barunya (meskipun gak tau kapan hehe)

First of all, It's hard— It really is. But we don't have any choice but survive. That's why we always need any ways to survive all of our problems. That's my way of live, we can't die yet so working hard to survive instead. Am I looked alive though? Nah, actually dying.

the answer is simple, you’ve to enjoy every moment. if in the sad phase you can cry, if in the fun phase you’ve to be happy. there are many things you can do to stay alive. and just accept whatever the world treats you, good or bad they are all lessons of life

just keep swimming, that's how life works. it's important to keep your sanity so do what makes you happy :D treat yourself nicely!

aku bikin list di notes tau kalau masalah gini! isinya kenapa aku harus bisa stay alive, boleh diisi from the smallest thing! i hope this helps!

Accept it. Life is hard and everything you do seems repetitive and not meaningful, then so fucking be it. Excuse my language, but that's by far the best method on how to keep myself alive. Maybe your life just meant to be like that and that's okay, keep doing your thing. You just have to accept that this is the life you live and it's not the one you wish to be. Be greatful to what you have and start noticing and appreciate the little things that makes your life a little enjoyable. You only have one lifetime so why want to ended it so soon?

Make a reason why you need to stay alive first, setelahnya jangan lupa buat nikmatin kesenangan duniawi ini, jangan berfokus di satu titik yang bikin energi kamu cepat habis dan jadi pengen nyerah. Masih banyak nikmat dunia yang belum kamu cobain contohnya makan bebek goreng di depan mall lotte.

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