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Paris, France
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Alby. · 13 answers · 7mo

What do you guys do to make the time go faster when you really feel depressed?

Drawing, writing, anything related to my hobbies. I pour my depression and frustration to my canvas, to tell everyone I'm depressed by my arts.

camille · 11 answers · 7mo

give me one thing that you're thankful for having in this life!

Thankful .. I'm glad that I still have the chance to fix myself after all the sins I've done.

Navelyn M. · 10 answers · 7mo

tell me, how to stay alive in everything.

First of all, It's hard— It really is. But we don't have any choice but survive. That's why we always need any ways to survive all of our problems. That's my way of live, we can't die yet so working hard to survive instead. Am I looked alive though? Nah, actually dying.

𐙚 Carissa · 29 answers · 7mo

kalau kamu lagi marah, gimana cara menyikapinya biar cepat mereda?

Kalau saya pribadi saya akan lepas HP. Diam, dan merenung. Engga melakukan apa - apa selain Inhales dan Exhales sembari memikirkan masalah nya secara perlahan. Supaya tidak impulsive.

Super Shy · 8mo

Lingga, do you perhaps put your interest on someone at the moment? I saw you around in my timeline and I hope I have the chance to get to know you?

Heh- Salah akun kah? But to answer, I have zero interest in dating so if you want to get to know me as friends just hit me up, I don't bite.

Super Shy · 8mo

What was the best day of your life like?

Super Shy · 8mo

Do your friends know much about you?

Super Shy · 8mo

Kakak aku kira udah selesai commitment issue ternyata belum ya 😆

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