Saori Kido · 19 answers · 7y

If you had to make out with someone other than your lover/Love interest who would it be?

Aside from him I really don't care so I suppose it could be anyone aside from Pandora, you, Misty, Felix or Aphrodite because it would all be pointless to me anyway... I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy it if they have some skill, but also couldn't really invest myself into it. So pointless. <_<

That's a hard one. I don't really think of anyone... I guess Saga or Kanon though, the twins have nice bodies.

Sigh.. uh... Idfk Ara, Shun, Ethan, Seiya? I don't really have an interest in anyone else aside from my boyfriend, so I could honestly just pick anyone of my friends really..

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