Shannon ( 5 days ) · 10 answers · 2mo

Do you actually like your family?

Not your mum dad or bro and sis if you have any but your extended family like aunties uncles etccc?

Sure, I like them as much as I would like my own parents if I only had to see them a handful of times per year. But I imagine if we started trying to get close we would butt heads.

I only like my cousin in law, she is a very relaxed Italian woman who did much to improve my cousin...

They're not bad. Whenever there is a get together involving relatives though, I skip it.

I don't talk to any of them, haven't for years, not that I really hate them or anything like that...I just belong far away from them and most of society for that matter

Yes. Most of the time, except for when they’re being dramatic and/or gossipy but I try not to get involved because I detest drama.

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